Spurn Point July 2016 - Blondie606 Photography

Spurn Point July 2016

Following our trip to Catbells we decided the next wild Camp  jaunt would be to Place Fell , the Lake District again . Given it was now school holiday season we decided to go on the Friday to try and avoid the crowds & the weather looked perfect....right up to the wednesday evening at which point it turned to rather dire , typical ! The whole point of the trip was photography, mainly sunrise & sunset so we made a last minute decision to re-locate to Spurn Point where the weather was looking decidedly brighter .  On the downside, with the Point being a Nature Reserve we decided to use a campsite rather than risk wild camping so we headed off earlyish on the Friday morning, car loaded to the gunnels as normal...neither of us seem to have mastered the art of packing light, but as we wouldn't be hiking for miles this time it wasn't a problem. 

We arrived at Spurn around midday with the  weather bright & warm & headed straight to the campsite we'd used before only to find it fully booked . Maybe wild camping would happen !  As luck would have it the next campsite we called at had a space & charged less than the original one - result ! Plus the owner was a total gem & bought out orange squash for us when we arrived....it's the little things :-)

Tent up , we headed off to the Point , only 6 hours to sunset !  We pulled up in the little carpark  and started getting kitted up for the walk on to the beach , wellies being the order of the day. On the banking just in front of the car was a reporter & his camera man, presumably doing a piece on the reserve for a local TV show , don't think the cameraman was to impressed with us talking and laughing.....they did the same 2 sentences about 6 times then headed off !

We set off down to the beach, heading for the groynes we'd photographed last time, sky still looking promising & not a soul to be seen.  I find the sea very calming so whilst Andy pottered about shooting various things I made myself comfortable on a large rock, had some lunch then closed my eye's & dozed off for a while listening to the waves.....perfect way to spend a friday afternoon .  After 1/2 an hour or so I got the camera out but didn't feel to inspired so we headed off along the beach front toward the lighthouse , which we had no intention of going to as it was about a 3 mile walk. We duly arrived at the lighthouse about an hour later...was always going to happen  & we still had about 3 hrs to kill before sunset....I felt another nap coming on -)

Andy went one way to do some time lapse stuff whilst I set about finding a decent composition with the lighthouse & groynes . I tried to get some shots of the lighthouse on the dunes in front of it but the 17-55mm just wasn't wide enough  , next time I'll take the 10-20mm as well !  We must have spent about an hour just faffing around & that's what I like about these trips, we each do our own thing , get lost in our own little worlds , no pressure, no stress. 

The sky started to look a little less impressive and we were both hungry so we decided to head back the car & go find some food .Our timing was perfect as on the way back it started to rain lightly  . We stopped at a little pub in the village , 8.30 on a friday night in holiday season & they'd already stopped serving food, the barlady didn't appear to have a sense of humour and the whole place, though charming in appearance , must rank as possibly the least friendly pub I've been in ! One cup of tea & a lemonade later we headed off to find a supermarket, Tesco's about 5 miles away, grabbed some bits then headed back to the beach to do some portrait practice. The sunset never really materialised but we spent a pleasant hour or so playing with off camera flash, learning as we went then headed back to the car for to eat & brew a  much needed cuppa .The little camping stove I bought is a cracking piece of kit, boils a pan of water in about 45 seconds.We arrrived back at the campsite just after 11pm, got the sleeping mats & bags sorted & tried to get some kip.....only 4 hours till sunrise ! 

Bird song woke me at around 3am but being me, I dozed until 3.45am when Andy woke  , poked his head out of the tent &  announced the sky was coloring up .  At which point clothes got pulled on rapidly & we headed back the beach we'd been at last night . We were not disappointed , we always seem to have better luck on the coast for some reason . I have a fascination with long exposures & water , can't get enough of them, I just love the effect a 10 stop filter has on water . We spent a good 2 hours on a small area of the beach , changing angles, using different filters , making the most of every second of the sunrise & the wonderfully soft light . Eventually the light started to lose it's softness so we packed up & headed to the car for breakfast....porridge & a cup of tea , all saturdays should start this way :-)

Breakfast eaten we drove back to the campsite, packed the car up, freshend up & headed off to find fuel . We decided to head slightly north along the coast to see what we could find. It was around 6.30am so plenty of time to explore & stretch the trip out a little. We ended up at Withernsea , turned down a few side roads until we came to a parking spot & spotted groynes o the beach...we have a thing about groynes :-) The tide was slowly making it's way out, the sky had become a little non descript but there was still a slight softness to the light so we headed to different areas of the beach & set about yet more long exposures . An hour or so later we'd both done all the shots we wanted so decided to head for home with a stop off at the Humber bridge , simply because the sky was good .I failed miserably to get a photo I was pleased with at the bridge but as I was more than happy with the photo's taken at Spurn & Withernsea I wasn't worried. There'll doubtless be other trips .....think I've got the camping bug :-)

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